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02 octobre 2010

What about ethics?

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I am, in fact, writing a story. "Rewriting it constantly, if you will" as I said.

A tree constantly growing, an ugly tree bearing wonder fruits you can not always see clearly if they seem appetizing or not, if you would risk biting in or not, if they are edible or not.

That is what "Don't let the ugliness get to you", the collection of stories I am (perhaps vainly) trying to put together, not so much for other people than for me. In it, there are planned to be long or short stories such as "Keens' tail tells tales", "Umbrella and Blues", "Nouvelle", "A trade and skies", and many others, along with a comic currently going under the name of "RAHM Prototype".

"Keens' tail tells tales" is one of my first stories from that collection, and the one I work on the most, even though the text I laid down is still to me unofficial and in need of lots of work.

In general, as in most of "Don't let the ugliness get to you", the characters are, in fact, have many, many flaws, and are meant to be that way. Inshire, the world they live in, has it's beautiful places, but is in its very chore very ugly. Thongs like death and such are unimportant, and killing is no matter at all.

Upon reading the light novel "Zero Maria and empty boxes" (by Eiji Mikage) I came upon a talk of "ethics", though it was not described as one. Normal values, such as 'mass murder is inhuman' for example, are pointed out when you expected the least.

Of course!

We foolishly live in a world where such things are normalized in stories, movies, games, etc. Most of the time, you think nothing about, it's in the story, that is all. I was therefore very surprised by this sudden statement, not that the 'killing is bad' theme is rare, but of the way the subject was forcefully thrust in my face, going to extents as 'inhuman'.

It is in fact, very hypocritical of me to say this, a girl who plays violent video games, watches violent anime, movies, etc, but... yes, the fact that violence, murder and such are normalized to the point we feel confusion when we are said it is 'inhuman' is very frightening. We understand the concept of 'inhuman' going to extents such as torture, but we do have to go a long way, or this is what I noticed.

So here is my problem : tell me Keens, what about ethics? In the ugly world I grow, I was pondering on how to add ethics. It's fully possible, but plain hard.

That is a point I want to explore as a challenge, for that story only. And maybe taking it as a challenge makes it very gruesome somehow.

I see.



Keens (A week ago or so). Do not steal or use without permission.

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First things come first

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First of all, my name is not important. You may call me anything you wish or fancy, as people like to do so even when they are not told. Gimme your little nickname you'll be proud of calling me as nobody else does.

Me being me, having the ideas I have, saying the things I say; here you should find a sea of quick and neglected sketches, and sometimes, some real drawings, random texts or some that I cherish, along with quotes, thoughts, or so. Who knows how this'll turn out?

I am a student in Applicated Arts (Arts Appliqués) in highschool, who is thinking of becoming a character designer in video games, writing a sort of book on the side, rewriting constantly if you will.

I truly hope I can make something of this place.



Quick old sketch (a month or two) : Ume (fifth brother)

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